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Series One Early Steering Box - Lifting the Lid

Posted on Saturday 31st of May 2014

5 Start Bronze Nut Steering Gear with Play

Series One steering boxes are often in need of some TLC and attention. Many suffer from too much play, wear, leaks and corrosion. In addition casings can suffer from cracks, which can be alloy welded/repaired and the differing alloys can start to erode and crack where the column meets the casing.

In this video we show how we strip the box, the key compnents and in particular where and how the play is caused within the box itself. The bronze nut, present on the early Series One's is examined and we show how ICS are able to remedy too much wear and play in these boxes (whether bronze or not) with our new manufactured steel worm and nut.

The steering gear is actually a 'floating' column containing races and bearings in the top collar, which often become dry and corroded. Not so easy to get to and even harder to remedy - however at ICS we can ground and modify to run smoothly again.

Look out for further videos on Series Steering Boxes as we continue to 'lift the lid' and continue to find ways and solutions to Classic Car steering boxes

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