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New Worm and Nut Gear for Buckler Cars

Posted on Monday 19th of January 2015

Common Steering Box Revives Worn Steering for Classic Cars

Buckler Cars were founded in 1947 by Derek Buckler and produced around 400 vehicles until 1965. As with many Classic Cars from this era, there remains a huge amount of interest, as well as a website and Register dedicated to all things Buckler. The really nice thing too is that the website and Register are managed by the Buckler family.

ICS were recently contacted my Malcolm Buckler who had seen that ICS had produced a brand new Worm and Nut for the Burman Type steering box used in the Dellow. The Buckler also used the same steering box.

As with many Classic Cars, Steering is one of a number of critical components where newly manufactured parts are generally not availble resulting in the driving experience of some of these classic cars being limited to very slow speeds and/or very few miles. Fortunately, ICS and their team have been in steering for over 30 years and the Classic Car division is wholly concerned with keeping cherished Classic Cars on the road for longer.

As well as this particular Burman worm gear fitting the Dellow and Buckler, it also fits the Ford Sidevalve (and probably a handful of other cars yet to be identifed/associated). We also make new worm and nut gear for Land Rover Series, Jaguar XK120, the Mk1 and Mk2.

Below is one of the first production Buckler Mark V cars from 1949, now beautifully restored and residing in France. ICS has recently remanufactured its Steering Box with one of our newly manufactured worm and nut components.

The same vehicle in 1950 in Reading, with Derek Buckler the Founder