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Dellow - a very satisfactory Burman Steering Box restoration

Background - The Dellow Motor Company manufactured these beautiful sports cars in Birmingham between 1949 and 1956. Several hundred still exist today, however new parts can be difficult to locate. ICS was approached to produce some new steering components. Fortunately we were able to locate the original Burman Steering Box drawings and a batch of new worms and nuts were soon in manufacture - we are now able to supply new from stock.

This particular type of Burman Steering box was also used on a number of other vehicles, some of which are known to be Buckler Cars and the Ford Sidevalve.

Steering box completely rebuilt with new worm and nut and very satisfactory steering action restored.

"After extensive investigations and discussions with other supposed steering specialist companies I was lucky to finally discover ICS Steering Specialist, who had the original Burman drawings, with experienced and knowledgeable personnel to offer manufacture of the necessary new worm and nut and fully rebuild my Dellow steering box.

Their personal attention was very refreshing and they themselves invested in the manufacture of a complete batch of new components enabling them to offer a very reasonable price for my particular rebuild.

I was extremely pleased to have found a professional company with such genuine personal customer service in this day and age. I would not hesitate to recommend them for the service they are providing for the vintage/classic car enthusiasts."

Peter Tudor, Dellow Register Member