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Jaguar XK120 LHD conversion to RHD

It might look like the need for a steering box is some way off, but TJ assures me that he'll soon have the time to really get this 'baby' back on the road.

Its been a real labour of love so far, having bought the XK a number of years ago - many of the parts weren't even attached to the car and arrived in boxes!

TJ contacted ICS as the Steering Box to one of these can be a bit tricky, even more so when trying to convert it from LHD to RHD!

As we manufacture the nut and worms, replacing these for us is quite straight forward. We even have a very clever solution for removing the old worm (which is connected to the column) and re-connecting a new one. Reverse the box, add new balls, shims and races, pre-load correctly - fully tested and shipped back.

Thats one box ticked off the list; a few pages more to go...............