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Old Core


Old 'Core' - the life-blood of automotive remanufacturingSupplies of Core are the life-blood for automotive remanufacturing. Without it, exchange services would decline and the costs to motorists and businesses of either buying the part new or having a replacement part specially made would increase substantially.

Fortunately the supply chain is fairly robust and the Surcharge on the Exchange service (a deposit until we get your old one back) ensures that over 95% of old 'Core' is returned. ICS also obtains supplies directly from the automotive industry (garages, write-off's etc).

ICS employs a series of processes for assessing the old Core and only components that meet our high quality standards and acceptance criteria are allowed through.

We are always looking at ways to improve the availability, timeliness and pricing of remanufacturing - if you are an individual or business in the automotive industry and/or has access to steering racks, boxes and pumps, please feel free to contact us and find out how you can quickly turn 'old core' into cash, whilst ensuring that the re-manufacturing chain remains slick and well-oiled.