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Why remanufacture?

Why remanufacture? Clearly re-using is good for the environment  -  in the Automotive industry, this is also true, but for an increasing number of vehicles, remanufacturing is often the only option.

There is also a European Directive 2000/53/E that targets vehicle manufacturers to:-

Remanufacturing has always been intrinsic in some parts of the automotive sectors – for example, Commercial Vehicles, Fleet Vehicles, Tractors, Plant and Fork Lifts where it is substantially much more cost effective or for older vehicles such as Classic Cars or the countless numbers of vehicles no longer in production or where new parts are difficult to source.

ICS is at the forefront of professional manufacturing and remanufacturing in an industry that is only set to grow substantially over the coming years. We believe that the following are some of the key market indicators:-

Sustainable supply of parts long after a make or model ceases production Commercially sound for businesses, individuals and enthusiasts Environmentally friendly

Some automotive manufacturers already supply remanufactured items for in-warranty replacements (just like many other companies/businesses – ie. like your sky box or mobile phone) and this is set to expand and further.