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Coach and bus free inspection services

The Free Inspection Service is available across most of our Divisions.

The Coach and Bus Free Inspection Service is primarily offered against Power Steering Boxes where replacement or old core boxes have become harder to obtain or the exchange surcharge costs are higher due to sparse old core availability.

We are happy to offer the service to Coach and Bus Power Steering Pumps and Fan Motors, however pricing and availability is always very good and vs the number of days your vehicle may be off the road….., but it is an cost effective option.

The details: our highly skilled Engineers will in most cases will be able to provide a detailed report within the Free 30 minutes. You'll know exactly what's wrong and moreover the cost and timescales for returning your part to a new working order or we'll happily send it back to you (you just pay for the shipping costs)

It's a "win-win" solution for many situations - ICS is very confident that you'll be happy with our Free Inspection Service, our workmanship for remanufacturing and not forgetting our competitive pricing! Send us an enquiry or call

A Refundable Deposit is required – – Terms and Conditions apply [Click Here for more details].