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Stunning 1948 MKIV Jaguar in tip top condition

ICS was recently asked to undertake some essential works to the Steering Box of this MKIV Jaguar. The Customer, from France contacted us on recommendation and recently shipped us his Steering Box

The Owner couldn't understand why there was unacceptable play as the Steering Box had only recently (8 yrs ago) been remanufactured. Our initial Inspection revealed that the Bronze Nut had actually been made out of Brass! - a clearly much softer material.

We've now replaced this with a correctly cast Bronze Nut, removed some burrs in the housing, tapped and fitted the nut to the worm (although some minor clearance from previous wear) and generally taken care of some other aspects to improve handling and performance.

The Customer has recently fitted the Steering Box and was so impressed he's now sent us his Shock Absorbers to be remanufactured.

A really very very nice looking MKIV